The Midnight Society Branding

As a fun side project, myself, my baby momma, and some friends are thinking of starting a t-shirt and print project called the Midnight Society, elegantly named by my friend Angie Choi.  These are some logo concepts for the brand. Stay Tuned for more!

Free UN-CORNY stock photography

Finding free stock photography is hard. Finding free or cheap stock photography that AIN'T corny is even harder. These sites give you tons of cool photos that put iStock and Shutterstock to shame. There's not a whole lot of images available but quality > quantity is what's up.  You'll notice that they're mostly images that work well for backgrounds, stuff like landscapes, not a lot of people shots. Still though I have found that these sites have become extremely useful for me especially when dealing with clients who aren't filthy rich.  Mix these with some Shutterstock and iStock stuff and you can get a real high end look.  I find that the best of these sites is Unsplash. Hit the archive button for easier navigating. 


Death to the stock photo

Little Visuals




IM Free

Free Faded Photo PS Action

I've gotten pretty into Photoshop actions recently. When I'm working on a site and the client can't afford nice stock photography from something like Gettyimages, these actions give mediocre photos some life. Check them out here.

Shout out to UltraLinx

Some new logos I been working on.

These are selects of some of the logos that I've been working on recently. They are for Charlie's Bed Bug Inspectors, Upstage Furniture Retail, and Film Forge Productions. Some of them aren't the final versions the client decided on but rather some I just kinda dig. Take a look!

Let's Go Raptors!!

Looking forward to tonight's game. Hopefully Toronto can get a win during their time in NYC. To show Toronto's pride in our raps I made this quick little image you can post on your social networks. #WeTheNorth

Great sites for design inspiration

To stay inspired I regularly look at artwork online. It's a great way to occupy my lunch break, while I'm yammin' down a burrito, or riding the streetcar to work. Below I've posted a list of my favourite design inspiration sites. From Up North, and Serial Thriller, encompass a wide variety of fields within design. The blog One Page Love, has a simple, yet effective layout, which consists of a curated list of one pager sites. The remaining three blogs, Type Everything, Friends of Type, and Penslingers, are straight up typography sites. All of which remain continual sources of inspiration for my own use of typography.